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Koprulu (Köprülü) Canyon National Park is Turkey’s most popular watersports area. The national park is perfect for hiking, or to explore the ancient ruins, or just to enjoy the dramatic Mediterranean scenery. Koprulu Canyon National Park is at the middle of many natural beauties in a fertile valley. Koprulu Canyon continues for 14 km along with the Kopru River, reaching a maximum height of 400 m.
Koprulu Canyon National Park take place high in mountains, 96 km northeast in the province of Antalya. Northeast of Antalya on the Side road take the turn off for Tasagil and Beskonak (Beşkonak), for the beautiful circular, scenic route that leads to the National Park. The road crisscrosses over the clear, flowing water of the mountain river and passes through virgin forests and over rippling waterfalls. You will want to stop often and give your camera workout in this picturesque valley. At the rest area there are fish restaurants offering delicious selections.

Mountaineers will be unable to resist climbing, exploring and camping in this rudged, scenic spot. Return to Antalya via the other half of the scenic route.

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Köprülü Kanyon is a very suitable place for canyonig and canyon walking activities as it passes through the deepest valleys and canyons of the Taurus Mountains. Here you can watch all shades of green and thousands of plants and rafting. You can also camp at the riverside campgrounds with your caravan or tent and enjoy a sip of wine in the moonlight.

Köprülü Canyon National Park is one of the ideal places for trekking activities. World-famous Antalya - Isparta Yalvac Saint Paul walking path passes through the Köprülü Canyon in a section. In our Köprülü Canyon national park, you can make your stay in a hostel, motel, mountain, vineyard, bungalows and riverside tent camps in accordance with your budget. The rafting is 14 km at Köprülü Kanyon. However, it is possible to extend this distance on special tours.

All participants participating in rafting and other activity tours in Köprülü Kanyon are insured with private insurance. If you want to have a private tour or event separate from the groups and other participants, we can easily provide this for you. You can come to Köprülü Kanyon with your own car, but there are free bus and minibus servos every day from Antalya - Kemer - Alanya. We take you back from your hotel cottage and leave it back.

Thousands of varieties of green and hilly terrain with hosting and plant species live in the Koprulu Canyon is among the best places to do the sport of mountain biking in Turkey. For a few days, you will be able to visit the riverside lodgings and enjoy the mountain bikes. Off road adventure with 4x4 off-road vehicles and jeeps is one of the other activities in this area. In the morning you can do 2 activities in one day, including off road safari and afternoon rafting until noon.
The high cliffs rising on each side of the deep canyons where the Köprüçay River passes are a complete paradise for climbing sports lovers. You can rent this sport with equipment and guide you can rent from us in this region.

You can taste the most delicious dishes of the region and the river trout in the restaurant along the river. Our restaurants and country weddings are suitable for all kind of meetings.
If you like horseback riding and horse riding, or if you want to learn to ride a horse, this is a paradise for you. You can visit the region with horses of all kinds in our farm, you can learn horseback riding in a short time by taking a course course from grooms.

The region is one of the most suitable places for hunting since it contains the richest wildlife elements of our country. If you love hunting and you can hunt in the hunting areas where comfort with our hunting guides. All kinds of equipment, weapons and equipment are provided by us.

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